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Thread: Powering none USB equipment through USB!

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    Powering none USB equipment through USB!

    My console contains all my components inside of it, including the mini amps to power the front and rear speakers..... i have installed 4 fans to circulate are through the case.... I do not want to run electrical cables to the PC to get them to turn on. While I was digging through some cables I found this plug that had a power connector on one end and a USB connector on the other. Its supposed to be for power for a 2.5 hard drive enclosure I bought. Supposedly its for people that have USB 1.0.

    Can I cut the power plug off and connect that fans to it? Do you guys think it will power them, and can this cause any type of damage?

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    each usb port can only provide around 500ma (1/2 an amp), so unless those fans draw very low power this is not such a good idea, most usb ports have some sort of overdraw protection, but some don't, & many hubs don't, I would say don't do it, you can use the usb to trigger a relay, that's no problem, but the power source itself shouldn't come from the usb.

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    I made my own usb fan from a case fan. I cut the USB cable off, and simply wired the two power wires to the two fan power wires. It worked, but it was a very weak air flow due to insufficient power. Most case fans use 4-7watts of power, so if my 1 fan was weak air flow, your four fans will be rather pointless.

    Depending on the size and model of the fans, 4 will be 20-28w (lots of fans are 5-7w). If you get the right ones, that maximize airflow opposed to noise reduction, you can use only two. One for intake and one for exhaust.

    Does the M2 not have 4-pin molex connections?

    I believe this is where I saw how to do the DIY USB Fan:

    There are some helpful comments on that page by at least one knowledgeable person.

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    Thanx for the replys. Yes these are fairly large fans, and i did try the USB thing on 1, it had very little power, infact I had to jump start it by turning the blade with my finger. The issue is that the case, including the M2 are not in the same area of the components and fans. What I decided to do is run the electrical cables needed......

    Now when I do start my PC install should I worry abount if all the cables are side by side encased in a plastic tubing so the wires are out of sight and all in one location? I want this install to be very clean, but I do not want to start any fires because I bundled power cabling next to each other and it starts some kind of chain reaction.

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