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Thread: Where was that picture of the power supply out of car? Question about bench testing?

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    Where was that picture of the power supply out of car? Question about bench testing?

    Not the one in the FAQ. But the power supply of the recent post, where the guy had the little bench area set up.

    I'm asking because I have an old PSU, a compaq, 160W, part number:213928-001.

    This does not have the traditional type of ATX connector, but rather two connectors.

    I measured the voltage at a HDD connector, the wires are orange, black, black, and red.

    The red wire has a solid 5V. The orange wire has a rocky 10 volts. I'm wondering if this was because the mother board connector was not jumpered/tricked into thinking it's connected?

    The motherboard connectors are as follows:

    P1: orange,blue,white,black,black,black,red,red,red
    P2: blank,black,black,blank,brown,brown,white,purple

    Any ideas on how I might be able to make this work?

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    Yea, the orange wire is just used instead of the typical yellow (12v). I have a PSU that has orange 12v lines as well.

    When I use a ATX PSU to do bench testing I simply jumper the green wire to a black wire with a paperclip.. I then take my two power wires for my M2-ATX and connect them each to a 12volt (yellow / orange) wire. Then connect the black of the M2 to a ground.
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    oh god, this is some thread digging... but I don't want anyone stumbling upon this, and follow it.

    If you have an old power supply with two connectors... its an AT power supply, these were from old computers. The orange wire is not 12v with a different color... its the power ok wire. This was a fail safe to cut the power to the supply, because these power supplies had a hard switch rather then one through the motherboard.

    So please don't try to run something off it.

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