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Thread: Question about VoomPC-2 Case and 2.5 SATA interference.

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    Question about VoomPC-2 Case and 2.5 SATA interference.

    Hello all,

    I decided to start assembling my carPC tonight. I've got everything save for my DVD drive.

    I assembled the mobo onto the case bottom. But the memory stick is interfering with the SATA connector on the back of my 2.5 HDD, with the SATA cord in it.

    it looks as if my drive were standard IDE, it would miss the memory stick.

    Has anyone else had this issue?

    2006 MazdaSpeed6

    Bigger Turbo, tuned with supporting mods.

    -CarPC in car and completely functional.....still tweaking minor things.
    -Still trying to figure out the CarPC thing :)

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    Yup, I had this issue. Get yourself some low profile memory, the sata connector will clear the memory without a prob then...

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    What about a right angled sata cable? Would that work for you? Power and the data cable both can come in right angle connectors.
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