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Thread: HQCT reception quality BMW E46

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    HQCT reception quality BMW E46

    I have installed an HQCT-i in my e46 BMW and am using the factory power amplifier in the car, but my reception is still crap. I thought the HQCT was supposed to be a replacement for a head unit quality wise but its far from it. I constantly have static and can only pick up a fraction of the stations i could with the original BMW head unit. I am running the latest version of roadrunner and have my HQCTi built in to a Voom2 case.

    Has anybody else any experience with HQCTi's?

    Am I doing something wrong?


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    Hi Craggy. Not to hijack your thread, but to understand (and ultimately help) -- how/where did you hook up your HQCT to the factory antenna? My assumption from reading other areas, is that the pillar beside the driver-side backseat contains an antenna booster, where you can 'tap-in' to the factory antenna pre or post 'boost'.

    1) Where did you hook yours up?
    2) What adaptors/cables/customization did you have to do to hook it up

    Once I can actually 'GET' mine hooked up I can certainly test it -- but this has been plagueing me since I got it installed (or partially installed).

    When I was testing it on my kitchen table, with no antenna, but exposed (vs in the case) I could pick up several stations, and one with perfect quality. Now that it's in my trunk, in a box, with no antenna... I get zip.

    I've got an '02 325Ci e46 HQCTi


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    Found this thread when searching the forums for sw to my HQCT.

    I do not know if this applies to cars in general, but it does apply to E46.

    The antenna system on FM is a diversity system with a preamp and an antenna selector in the boot. To enable it you have to connect the output from the original OEM headunit that goes to "motor antenna" to 12V, as this output is used as on/off control to this diversity amp.

    Hope it's been sorted long time ago :-)

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