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Thread: Video Loss After Post and Windows Splash Screen Xenarc and EN15000

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    Video Loss After Post and Windows Splash Screen Xenarc and EN15000

    I'm officially at my wits end! I consider myself an experienced user of computers, and after trying most everything... I can't get anything to work. I need HELP!!! Please!

    I have a VIA EN15000, Xenarc 700TSV, M2 Power Supply, and running Windows XP. I have built and configured the computer outside of the car using an external power supply, and everything works fine. Using a Dell 24" monitor to get it all set up, I perfect it, and EVERYTHING works fine.


    I disconnect it all, and take it out to the car. Hook it all up, turn the ignition, and everything is fine. BIOS posts, Windows splash screen, then I lose video. Xenarc goes into "power off" mode, and the computer continues to boot up. I hear the windows start up sound, and then the music starts playing through the front end. I even get touchscreen response since it's USB. Turn the car off, computer shuts down, and back to square one.

    I boot into VGA mode, defaults into 640x480, and windows loads fine. I get to the desktop, see everything... EXCEPT, it's as though everything is zoomed in. I can see like only the middle of what is being displayed, and the mouse trails off the screen b/c I can click the start menu even though I can't see it. I can change the resolution under display, but the resolution doesn't change... hit apply, nothing. Eventually, after fiddling with the resoltion, it gives up, lose video, xenarc powers off. Same thing happens under Safe Mode. Including the odd zoomed in resolution, and no ability to change resolutions.

    I reset the bios, cmos, and even put it under fail-safe mode. No change. Eventually, I get so fed up, I pull the computer, hook it up in the house, and SAME thing happens.. .except instead of the Dell monitor turning off, the power lights goes amber after the windows start up screen. Hours go by after I run chkdsk and even chkdsk /r under windows repair, everything is fine. I finally give up, and reinstall windows. Get it ALL the way I want it too, reboots fine, Video is fine, no problems. I run it through lots of tests, phew, no problem. Right?


    Get it out to the car. Windows splash. BLANK. no video, windows keeps loading though, and then I'm back to all the problems. WHAT THE H*LL is going on!?!?! I now try to uninstall drivers, nothing. I'm FED up by this point, as I've done this entire process twice now, and can't figure out what goes wrong from when I disconnect the computer from the house, and have it run off of the M2 in the car.

    I've built TONS of carpc's before, but this is the first time I've had so many problems. First time using mini-itx, and first time with xenarc. I've always used micro-atx and lilliput, so I guess you can say I'm new to these products, but not the industry. I'm about to thrwo away the xenarc and mini-itx, and return to what I know...

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. Please help me, I need to know what's wrong!!!


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    Video drivers are not sending the correct resolution. I guarentee it 100%.

    same thing happens to me whenever I mess with the video drivers. My screen doesnt accept 800x600 only 640x480 and 1024x768.

    When you set the resolution in VGA mode, it doesnt save those settings just so you know.

    The only way to fix this is to boot the computer normally in your car, then unplug your lcd,plug in a CRT (they take a better range of resolutions) and then change your resolution from there. I would then create a restore point right away.
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    How come though, when I take the computer out of the car, boot it up inside with a PSU connected to the Dell 24", it has the exact same symptoms? Seems to me that the Dell should be able to support most all resolutions thrown at it, right?

    I'll try it in the morning, but can I take the 24" LCD outside? or would I have the same problem? I can't even think of where I can grab a CRT to use for a sec!

    Also, what's causing the problem when it runs fine in the house, and then goes kaput in the car?

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    Okay. First of all. It's a love hate relationship. I love the smallness of the Mini-ITX, but the lack of all aroudn support due to it's proprietary drivers and bios drives me nuts. Like I said, I feel as though I"m pretty adept to the whole computer scene, but this problem left me clueless.

    I fixed it.

    I don't understand it.


    It's fixed. For some reason, the Bios did NOT like the setting of "LCD" or "CRT" as a display setting. Go under the Bios, and you'll see what i'm seeing. if you get this problem, set it to "LCD + CRT". I have NO idea why this works, but it does. I tried an external monitor to no avail. every other setting, nada. Finally, after putting it back in the car, seraching every video setting available, the "LCD + CRT" settign on this motherboard solved the issue. It starts up, I get video, and no problems after numerous restarts.

    Case solved.

    If you have a CN700 video chipset and are not getting video after the windows splash screen, check to make sure your BIOS setting is set to "LCD + CRT". Don't ask, just accept. I now can enjoy my completely stealth mini-itx install finally.

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    Good lookin out!!!!

    i was going crazy because the exact same had been happening 2 me, the only thing is: i had to load in safe mode, then do a system restore for it to come back up for a little wile, then,...after a few days, BACK to square 1

    I'll definitely try this (CRT+LCD) option, i believe that the system will end up cloning a singular display into two: 1) the touchscreen panel of your car 2)that "internal" display that windows seems to set to primary everytime!!

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    Oh if only I'd seen this thread earlier I could have answered your question. I had EXACTLY the same problem. Everything worked fine in the home, transferred it to the car and like you I got the BIOS and windows booting screen and then blank. Fiddled around and changed setting to CRT + LCD and it worked.

    Something to watch out for: I've recently taken my carpc back inside to do some tweaking and in the process thought I'd have a muck around with trying to get it to work with my television as well. I can't remember exactly which option it was under the BIOS, but it was one of the alternative options to CRT + LCD that i chose which resulting in me seeing NOTHING when I booted up - not even a BIOS screen. I ended up having to reset the CMOS using the jumper pin method described in the EN-15000G manual, in turn losing all my other settings. For anybody who owns one of these motherboards I strongly suggest writing down your BIOS settings once they're working just in case you need to clear it/restore it at some point.

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    Thanks for this thread... saved me hours of wasted time...

    I had exactly the same problem but with the new Linitx High Brightness screen...

    Now sorted.

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    You saved me tons of time and work.

    Progress:99% not 100% because theres always something to do...
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    Not sure why this old post was ressurected, but I am currently having a similar problem, my post follows :

    Set up in house, worked fine, set up in car worked fine, after a few starts no video in screen (white screen, like wrong display settings). Took it out, back in house, boots fine (but windows had reset driver to Single Monitor : CRT).

    I did eventualy find the bios item and also tried it on LCD + CRT. That worked for a short time (like a day), then got nothing on screen at all, no post, nada, nothing.

    Hooked up laptop to pc while still in car = screen in car displayed laptop desktop fine (so the screen is not fried).

    Had a problem with the PSU, so the system is on its way back to the vendor for a MB and PSU swap. I rellay hope all is well when i get ity back.

    Ill watch this thread but I'll post my results in the thread I started.
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