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Thread: I have no touch screen... how do u make an interface?

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    I have no touch screen... how do u make an interface?

    I don't have a touch screen, just got a 5.6inch screen for 60 quid (UK) which i think is pretty cheap! But it aint touch screen! so can anyone give me any hints on how i can make the interface buttons etc? need the usual skip, random, mute/pause i guess and volume control....

    is there anyway to rip a keyboard apart or something and bind the keys to do particular things? What about those multimedia keyboard that open up email, website, etc. anyone know anything about anything?

    Or are there PC remote controls i can use?

    I live in UK, so would like to be able to get the stuff in the UK is possible! Thanks Loads!

    Any help would be superb

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    Please use the search function. This question has been answered many times before. Try searching for things like touchscreen overlay and IRman. I'm closing this thread.


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