I posted this on the VIA forums, but I am getting no responces since I used this board to setup and research this PC figured someone here might be able to help.

Hi there a have a question and want to know if anyone is having a similar problem before i go all out on testing. I have VIA EPIA MII12000 in a multimedia box that i have used for a while. It is on wireless N 108mbps. The internet is pretty fast on it so i don't thing that that is the cause of my problem. I have DVDs ripped to this machine and they play great, but whenever i go to something like NBC.com to watch heroes it is completely unplayable i tried updating flash and java and even going back to IE from firefox and nothing works. Has anyone had any issues like this. Oh there is no other video card on here just on board I do have a USB hauppage tuner on the machine though.

EDIT - It is now directly connected to my switch and it still studers so for sure its not the Ethernet.
no one has had this problem should i just get a video card?

Some oter stats I missed running WinXP, 512 mb RAM
The only thing I can think of is getting a PCI video card, but i find it hard to believe that the FLASH off NBC is more video intensive than a DVD streaming off the Hard drive.