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Thread: Capruter problems, restarting on load?

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    Capruter problems, restarting on load?

    Hey all, just kinda been setting up my first carputer with road runner, sp2 etc, and ive noticed it is retarting itself alot, now im not sure why, it only seems to do it when its under some sort of load..

    i cant finish the SP2 install bcos it reboots b4 the end? is this a power issue? im running it from my main PC power supply.. off a power plug to my drive..? is this the main reason its packing up and restarting?

    im running

    Jetway 2ghz J7F5M2G5-VDE mobo
    1gig of ram
    320gig HDD
    and keyboard....
    also my 8inch lilliput?

    whats the easiest way to keep it powered on my desktop whilst i set it all up? any info would be appreciated.. thanks guys

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    I recently had that problem (reboot upon heavy load) and it turned out to be a bad processor. Random reboots, though, can also be caused by overheating, bad RAM, bad power and bad mobo. Google "memtest" to find a program you can use to check your RAM. Assuming RAM is good and you have ruled out overheating, try to swap out your power supply and see if that helps. If not, chances are it's your CPU.

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