Hi folks:

I had my entire system up and working. A month into it my screen quit out on me...so I disconnected it and sent it back to the factory.
All in all, it took about a month.

I just started putting everything back together. My carnetix is not working. I stupidly tried connecting a powered USB hub to it ..nothing was working...i then looked at the carnetix and the fan was not spinning. I disconnected the USB hub but the P2140 was not responsive. I checked the fuse to the battery and it is in working order.

I disconnected the power plug from the carnetix and re-connected it. The red LED light flashes 5 times and then stops. That's all it's doing. I connected the mac, the screen... nothing.

Does ANYONE have any idea as to what might be happening or might have happened?

Desperately waiting... thanks