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Thread: mpxplay and dos soundcard

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    Question mpxplay and dos soundcard

    ok due to my motherboards 20 second bios post i have decide that my first car mp3player would be better suited in dos (second one will have windows for dvd ect.) so mpxplay sounded like the best choice... ah but my onboard sound fails to work in dos therefore i require a new sound card... what im wanting is a pci soundcard for DOS that will work with mpxplay or anyone getting onboard sound to work in DOS any input at all would be greatly appreciated

    Case built and working
    Amptron 586 motherboard onboard snd/vid/lan (purchased)
    200mmx processor (already have)
    5g harddrive (already have)
    Two 4x40 lcds (future)

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    I've had the SBlive and SB128 running in DOS with Mpxplay

    I did get the VIA IPX 800 running with the onboard soundcard,
    it uses SBpro emulation, quality was poor, so I use the SB128.

    If the sound card supports SB16 it should work, this would be your best option.

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    if you can, try to score a good-old SB16 ISA sound card.... that would be your best bet for DOS...
    Project - GAME OVER :(

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    Crystal 423x-based ISA sound cards also work well. I'm currently using a Turtle Beach Malibu, which is based on the CS4237 chip. With these cards one needs to use their config utility to kick the card into WSS mode (it defaults to SBPro emulation). Sound quality is excellent in WSS mode, but sucks really bad in SBPro mode.

    I've had success with the following, in MPXPlay:

    *Sound Blaster 16
    -excellent compatability, poor sound quality

    *Sound Blaster AWE64 Value
    -SB16 compatable, but with better sound quality

    *Pine Technologies CS4235-based cheapie Chinese card
    -Clean sounding, but not much low-end.

    *Turtle Beach Malibu (CS4237)
    -Louder than the cheapie card, better low-end.

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    SB16's and SB16 vibras are $8+$8shipping(yah I know,,) on eBay


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