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Thread: Ur views on the MINI PC TX2

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    Ur views on the MINI PC TX2

    seems a brilliant buy dont u think? high speed processor... loads of components, connections etc.

    Including the size!

    whats everyones views?

    As I'm really wanting a pc to be able to play the latest games... thus an epia 800mhz motherboard (which seems to be a popular choise) would be no use for games.

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    A number of people on this board have them, and they've been sold under many different names (arm minipc, cappucino, ezgo). I know PoBoy has one (as i have seen it), and there are a few more out there. I'd hunt them down and see what they think. They seemed pretty cool, but the number of usb devices octopusing from poboys (extigy, usb hd) to make it useful made the whole package a lot bigger.

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    I like mine. Runs off of 14V car power, better with a voltage regulator. Won't handle much more than 2 USB devices without a powered hub though.

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    I've got one.. works great! slightly limited in expandability, but it's got everything i need, and it's small.. which is what sold me on it.. i've got it installed in my glovebox.

    cjones... please tell me more about this voltage regulator you got.


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