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Thread: Want to make sure my wireing is correct.

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    Want to make sure my wireing is correct.

    hopefully its readable...

    Laptop is a Dell Latitude D600 with dock the inverter is temp will get an car/air dc-dc power later.

    To the right is beephys ACPPS I hope to get when I get the money.

    Also forgot to add webmasters laptop autostart oops lol.

    Dont know what gauge size or fuse to use (currently researching that) just want to make sure my wiring is good if not what needs change


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    1 - Lose the inverter, or at least use it for something other than the laptop. A car adapter/charger is a better solution.

    2 - Don't connect the GPS unit to a USB hub for reliability reasons.

    3 - Don't connect the touchscreen to a USB hub for reliability reasons.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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