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Thread: Can't find cable for XM Direct

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    Can't find cable for XM Direct

    Hey All, I cant find me a printer cable nor a db9 female with cover so I can wire it up as this howto explains. I could online, but dont want to wait and it would cost me more.
    Local shops dont have these items, so here is my question for you guys.

    I got my xmd off ebay and I was thinking of just cutting the controler off of it and that will solve the printer 8pin mini din cable issue, next I have a serial cable here, and was thinking about just chopping that cable in half to and wiring it all up this way.

    Hows that?

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    I think...

    that will work fine... but I'm not as fluent as others on here... And, I sure don't know why this question wasnt answered!! I don't understand that...

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