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Thread: Moving the system inside?

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    Moving the system inside?

    I'm kind of working backwards here...

    I replaced my car stereo recently, so now I have a couple amps and speakers sitting around.

    I'm interested in setting up the car system in my basement, but I don't know what I would need to power it. My amps are a 300W for the mains, and a 400w monoblock for the subwoofers.

    Can anyone point me toward what I would need to power them?


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    You need a big fckofski power supply.

    The watt rating are meaningless - loot at the fuse sizing - that will give you the max current draw for your system - then it's a matter of how loud you want your stero.

    So say you're system consumes 60 amps at full blast - a 60 amp powersupply is gonna cost a fair wack - so say you've be happy with half the volume, then a 20 amp powersupply shoudl do the trick.

    Or get this and never look back

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    That's a huge help. Thanks for the quick reply!

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    And just to add - music is dynamic so you will seldom see full current draw. However if you find musical peaks are causing power supply issues, you coudl look at usign a 12v battery in the setup to cover the peaks.

    powersupply > battery > sound system

    However many batteries are not suitable for use indoors and can pose a fire risk.

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