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Thread: VIA EN1500G Faulty Sound Card?

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    VIA EN1500G Faulty Sound Card?

    I'm pretty advanced when it comes to computers and troubleshooting but this one has me stumped.

    I bought a VIA EN15000G from MP3Car. I got everything running, never tested the sound. Put it in a Voom 2 case usnig the front side audio pins. When I went to actually use the sound it didn't work. Odd, after taking the system appart I disconnected the FS audio and the rear jack worked.

    That is, until I actually shut down the machine and unplugged it. When I hooked it back up the jack stopped working. I went as far as doing a system restore, reinstalling the drivers, nothing worked.

    Fine, maybe corrupt registry settings, fresh install. SAME problem, no audio even after using the newest drivers.

    I left for a party, came back 6 hours later, started it up and bam, had sound. NOT a single change. Rebooted twice, still had sound. Cool,maybe a freak thing. Nope, as soon as I shut it down again the same cycle, it no longer worked.

    Its not the speakers because I'm using headphones to test, the same ones I use on my main PC for gaming.

    The card seems to be faulty. Perhaps moving to a USB card will solve it but I spent good money for a board with RCA-out and I hate to have to buy an add-on when the on-board should work.

    I searched the forums but only 16 items came up and most dealth with 5.1 sound vs 2 channel.


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    I know by mobo has to have jumpers on pins for headphones & mic where the front panel connectors go in order to use the rear panel audio connectors only.

    I found out the hard way that I had to reinstall the drivers once I got the pins jumpered correctly to get it to work.

    I dunno what sound card you're running, but it could be something similar.
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    Darque, The card is the on-board AC 97 card. The problem is, it works ONLY when it wants to. No configuration changes, just works when it wants to. Very odd to me.

    I've had it on the bench two days just sitting there off, I'll turn it on every once and a while and theres a 10% chance the sound will work.

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