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Thread: has anyone tried this SSD

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    has anyone tried this SSD

    has anyone tried this 4gb SSD? its a decent price and i think 4gb is enough for any xp install?

    for the price this is great yes its in the range of a few hundred gb hd but since its SSD you should be able to run read/write on this thing correct?

    would this be too slow? or is it fine for boot up and os operation? my carPC will have 2gb or ram so thats fine no need for paging and im going to be using a 2.5hd 5400 for storage right now it will be my main drive, but i might consider SSD

    it seems that that drive has poor performace based on a comment there? is this true... i was looking at other SSD and they are more true to speeds of regular hd throughtput, but not so much on the high speed, i guess for carPC its only the boot up that is the issue...

    my question is would any SSD even the one in the link be faster then say 5400 or 7200 2.5, if so what about 3.5? anyone have some numbers? im also not talking about read only CF cards or the like...

    i am looking for future maybe in 08 of getting maybe 2 cheap 4 or 8gb and placing them in raid 0 sta connection prefered of course

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    it's an expresscard you have a bootable expresscard slot on your mobo or an adapter of some kind? if not this won't work.

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    ya i was just talking about it in general... but my question was how good was that SSD... it seems that its very slow compared to other higher speed SSD, the sata ones that i read reviews about are on par if not faster then even 3.5 in the throughtput area!

    raid 0 is very nice in SSD i would assume, my goal was to go with lower Gb SSD's and getting raid 0, but it seems that a lot of manufactures only making the 32gb+ which is a bummer, cause i do not wish to pay over 300-500 for one

    the pata are limited in speed are perform slower then standard 2.5 and 3.5 drives, i assumed they would be cheaper but its not the case

    the 2x in windows boot up speed was seen with the high performance SSD's thats why im wondering if the slower cheap SSD are not worth it?

    from what i read the IO is important during boot up and the .1ms access time helps a lot, but having a low throughtput slows things down

    I am going to find out if the raid chip on my mobo supports multi raid config on 2 or more HDs I know few chips let you set up a 0 and 1 on 2 hds in my case this might be the best solution to go with 2x 5400 2.5 drives to get greater performance since both would be sata300 configuring high stripe size and high cluster 64k etc.. should increase from my past experience boot up time a great deal.

    the 0 can be set up for OS and install prog partitions while data is on raid 1, which gives a small boost in performace as well during reads i belive

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    Yeah, I've been thinking of ordering one of these for my laptop: Samsung 4GB Sounds good, fast read speed and not too expensive... Any comments about this?

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    so what does anyone think of these? I really want one and it seems everyone is full of suggestions on speeds but noone is like.. here is a good card.. this one right here.. and look its even priced

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    ok since my car pc has been on hold like forever, i recently saw sata CF card readers that do udma, and i also ran into 2-4GB CF cards on newegg that are rated at 266x 40mb/sec or so..

    well got the cf/sata adaptor $18 each the 2gb cards $22 or so each...

    i had no issue at all with my home PC, went to bios put on raid for each sata channel, it saw each 2gb as HD

    i tested first single, fat and ntfs seem to give best results? had constant speed of 27.5mb/sec max and .2ms

    NOW for raid i do not know what stripe size is good for CF cards???? and then what should be the cluster size? i would assume it should be same as stripe for optimal?

    if so what would be good settings as CF/flash memory is not same as mechanical HD's

    I just wanted to let everyone body know that the 2-4gb CF cards are cheap and you can have nice nlite or XPe running on it.

    right now with 4k/4k its getting max of 52.7 mb/sec max, 45 mb/sec avg .2 ms.
    I tried 128k and 64k stripe with 4-64k cluster the cluster had almost no effect it was 52mb/sec max but avg was down to like 26mb/sec

    seems that 4k stripe with 512b/1024b cluster gives you best results 52.8 mb/sec max and 46mb/sec avg

    i dont know what 8-32k stripe would do yet.

    BTW i still have my 120gb single platter 2.5 sata HD so i can tell the OS to write to that HD? would normal install work like this or should i still go XPe or nlite build?

    links to newegg

    i went with the $18 sata CF adaptor, i do not think the other brand will do any better they look identical, both have udma support so thats not the issue, seems like having better CF cards would give you more results?

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