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Thread: BKi810 car PC, my first one......

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    BKi810 car PC, my first one......

    this is my first carpc but ive been wanting one for a long while now. i was walking through one of the local flea markets and as usual i dropped by the booth that had all the computer equipment laying around. well i was looking around and saw this little PC sitting there. the first thought in my head was"hmmmm.... car PC". lol. well i dont know what brand it is but the model number on it is BKi810 . i looked up the CPU and it is a 433mhz celeron. it doesent have ram or a HD but i have a few laying around. i have a few questions if yall dont mind?? 1.) will this accept a 250gb or a 500gb HD as i have both im not using. 2.) is it possible to make/buy a little LCD screen and have it boot strait into my music player and show the song and artist on the LCD without having a full size screen? 3.) if the LCD thing would work could i also make/buy a little control pad that would do nothing but have play,pause,stop,next,previous, and volume control? 4.) what OS would perform best seeing as this doesent have much power? i was thinking windows 98 or one of the many linux distributions? 5.) where can i find more info on this PC as i have looked and found nothing.

    i guess thats it for now. any help is appreciated.

    heres a few pics, i painted the case but im gonna strip it and clean it up and repaint it because of scratches and such under the paint. was mainly just trying the color on it to see if i liked it. if you have a color scheme suggestion let me know.
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