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Thread: Using DMP3 satellite display

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    Using DMP3 satellite display


    I used to have a Dension DMP3 mp3 player in my car, but it got stolen. I'm now in the process of building a car PC and still have the satellite display which includes a small screen and jog dial etc like this:

    I've had a play with it and can get it to light up, I can see serial data coming over one of the wires (on an oscillosope) when I press buttons but this is as far as I get. Has anyone successfully connected one of these to a PC?

    As I understand it an RS232 serial line high/low state switches around the 3v mark, but the signal I'm getting is 0/1v. Maybe a simple pull up circuit would work but I'm guessing as this is beyond my expertise!

    Aside from that the screen displays "no connection" for a while and then self shuts down. This is the next problem! ;-)


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    Want to sell it? My Satellite is broken, so I can't use my trunk-mounted DMP3 anymore.

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    I guess so. It's not proving much use to me! Only problem is I'm in the UK so might be a bit of hassle (I'm assuming you're not judging by the use of the word "trunk" ;-) Let me know.

    Also I should point out that there's one vertical row of dead pixels about half way along the screen.


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