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Thread: Carputer with M1-ATX- battery dead

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    Carputer with M1-ATX- battery dead

    I installed my carputer 2months ago, and everythin was fine I dont think my car stood w/o getting started for more tha n day though, But now it sat for 2 days and its dead like charge on batt is about 4V my remote didnt even work, and my PC was in S3 mode which should not take much energy anyway, but waht I am cofused about most is that why DIDNT M1-ATX shut it down if it has feature to shut down PC completely if battt is below 11V.

    Anybody have any idea what to do, Im guessing now I am just goin to jhvae to turn it completly off overnight not in S# mode ( It is in S3 mode during day whne I go to work and come back and the car starts fine)

    HAppened 3rd tiem already

    AFter it happened twice I got a new battery but still going on

    P.S. Sorry for long post but I would really appreciate if some1 could help me out

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    s3 is a very hungry power state. I dont know why it didnt shut off at 11v, but thought i would clarify that s3 is hungry. My laptop can kill 40% of 2 8cell li-ion batteries overnight in standby.
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    hmm thanks for the input anyone else has anything to say about this?>

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