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Thread: Device Issues / Hibernation Issues / and Screen Question!

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    Device Issues / Hibernation Issues / and Screen Question!

    Question 1:

    I was wondering if anyone can help me out. I changed the power supply on my PC, also the USB Hubs. All the high bandwith stuff went on the onboard USB ports, and all the devices that did not use alot of bandwith went onto the USB PCI card. When connecting mice and keyboards, it has no issues at all. When I connected the touchscreen, Sierra air card, belkin wifi, USB ELM 327, I got a screen saying that it cannot find the drivers for the device. So far I have uninstalled all the affected devices and then reinstalled the touchscreen software, I then plugged in the device and it said installing device, the a screen came up saying there is a problem and cannot install. I then restarted the PC, it installed and said ready to use. Why is this happening though?

    PS: Even software seems to be affected, Centrafuse (which I paid for and registered), is also telling me to register my copy.

    Question 2:

    For some reason sometimes when I go to my car to start it, it has to start windows as though I did a shut down and not a hibernation. Why would this happen? I do not get the corrupt hibernation file screen. Could the OPUS be shutting the PC down wrong sometimes?

    Question 3:

    In another topic I had wanted to add my screen to the OPUS power supply, the people which answered stated that it was not necessary, but what botthers me is that when I turn off the car, the screen closes before the PC actually shuts down, so if something goes wrong, I would not know. Do I simply send the Ignition wire to the OPUS instead of the car's radio Ignition?

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    I had similar problem with my CDROM and it turned out the USB cable is at fault, if you have long USB cable (10 feet in my case) you might be experiencing data loss. Try active USB cable.

    Maybe battery is running low? Get a multimeter and measure your battery's voltage.

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    If you're powering your screen from the ACC line then it loses power before the PC shuts down because you're turning it off with the key. If you power it from the PC, then it'll always be on when the PC is on, which I don't like because when I leave my car I don't want it to still be on.

    My solution was to power the screen from the carpc and use a double relay -- one from ACC, one from PC, so if I turn off my ACC it turns off the screen, but if keep the car on and I flip my valet switch the screen stays on and shows me that it's hibernating, and the screen turns off when the PC turns off.

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    Well it turns out the hibernation issue was caused from me powering the hub.... once i disconnected the power cord, the PC can hibernate perfectly. Ive decided to reexamine my setup to see if i can get away with not needing powered hubs.

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