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Thread: Power Antenna up/down switch

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    Power Antenna up/down switch

    Hi, My cars antenna is electric and the original stock head unit had a switch to make it go up and down with different lengths. Basically when i press up the antenna will go up and when I let go of the button the antenna will stop.

    I am using centrafuse at the moment is there some way I can hook up the antenna to the computer and have it software controlled?

    If not can someone please tell me how I would make a manual switch for this?

    Thanx guys

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    You might want to tell us what kind of car you have

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    If you're asking which wire is the antenna wire, just Google it. I can help you if you have a Nissan.

    I'm no expert here, but you might look into controls through the serial or parallel port. There's info around here on stuff like that. I'd guess for a manual switch you'd just wire a switch so it sends a +12v signal to the antenna rem wire.

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    the car is a Holden Monaro 2002 if that helps. Just thought they would be all quite similar. Im assuming that the antenna goes up and down by change of polarity.

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