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Thread: XM Sound Quality: XM Direct vs. XMPCR?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nola111 View Post
    I'm with blazin, kbreeden. If you truly didn't notice a drastic difference, something HAS to be up with your system, somewhere.
    lol he has a TL that i've listened to.. his system is just fine. But i agree with him in that the enhancer plugin is pretty sweet.. i cant even listen to winamp without it. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    How are you sending it through winamp plugins? I using RoadRunner for my XM PCR playback. Where does winamp plugins come into play?

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    Quote Originally Posted by diosagain View Post
    How are you sending it through winamp plugins? I using RoadRunner for my XM PCR playback. Where does winamp plugins come into play?
    There is a Winamp line-in plugin that allows any signal coming into your puter from the line in port to be played through Winamp. This means that if you have a Winamp DSP plug like Enhancer, the signal from line-in will be processed. Years ago I downloaded the line-in plugin from the Winamp plugins section, but I think it now comes with the newer versions of Winamp such as 5.13 and can be installed during Winamp installation.
    RRConfig has a checkbox in the XM/Sirius where you can then tell RR that you want to use the line in plug.

    So to get your XM signal to run through Enhancer in RR you would:

    1. Make sure you have the line-in plug installed in Winamp (Options/Preferences/Input - see if it's listed. If not, I'm sure you can figure out how to install it);

    2. Download and install the Enhancer DSP plugin from link above;

    3. Configure the Enhancer plugin to your personal preference from within Winamp (I generally use the General Improvements preset and make sure that I have boost turned on);

    4. Hook your XMPCR to the line in port on your soundcard;

    5. Make sure "Use Line-in Plugin" is checked in the XM/Sirius portion of RRConfig (leave the default string in the box next to it).

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    i have an XMPCR and done like it at all..
    will it show you the xm channels in roadrunner?
    or do you have to use the little crappy app that came with it?

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    russoxley, if you dont like the XMPCR application and are not using a frontend

    check out
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    im using roadrunner...
    But I bought the XMPCR because I wanted to use it at home.
    Turns out that i dont need it at home. and alreay have a xm radio in my truck, not hooedk up to the Carputer.

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    Anyone have this working under linux? I have the XMPCR and want to get it working on linux.



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