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Thread: Power to USB hub

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    Power to USB hub

    In what cases to you need to power your USB hub ?

    The reason I am asking is that I have 4 port usb hub with 4 devices plugged in it: touch screen, car2pc adapter, keyboard, gps. Occasionally I "lose" 1 or 2 devices: I need to unplug all devices and plug them back in to fix it. Does this happen because it has not enough power or because I have buggy noname hub ?

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    Usually you lose devices because of low power, but it could be your no name hub too As a rule, I always power USB hubs. They just seem to be more reliable that way.

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    If you draw more than 500ma of power, then you need to power the USB hub. General rule states the USB hub itself draws power, car2pc probably does, keyboard and gps definitely do.

    so go ahead and power it up!

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    In that case I'll just purchase a new one that has 7 ports and power it up

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