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Thread: Dell XPS Desk Top Computer as Car PC

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    Dell XPS Desk Top Computer as Car PC

    DW and I have just sold our house, and are once again full time RV'ers. I have a one year old Dell XPS desktop computer, it is one of the ones with the small ones, and is will configured. My thought is to use the box and get a touch screen monitor and use the computer as a car pc or in this case a motor home pc, to run navigation software and other car apps. My question is how would the computer hold up in the motor home environment?
    How likely is the hard drive to crash with the bumps and such of the road. What would be the best method to power the pc, inverter, or some type of 12 power supply? Lastly what is the best touchscreen monitor? Thanks much for the input.


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    I presume efficiencey is a concern for you?

    In which case an inverter will waste more power than a DC-DC converter will.

    Also I don;t expect the XPS computer to be particularly efficient either - but the choice is yours.

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    as far as how well it will hold up is that an xps is probably overkill. you don't need all that computing power to do (relatively) easy stuff.

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