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Thread: USB Jack mounted into dash?

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    i have a 4 port hub in my dash.

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    USB Jack mounted into dash?

    As I adapt the touchscreen to the dash kit, I also want to incorporate a USB jack into the dash kit so that I can simply plug in a flash-drive to add new media, etc.

    Has anyone done this?

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    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    yeah, i've done that. I havent done it in a volvo, so you have to be creative in where you want it. USB is good for about 16 feet i believe without having to have the signal reamplified. 16 feet is more than enough, though. go grab 2x6ft USB extensions (if you run the computer from the rear of your car) from either or radioshack or bestbuy or whathaveyou...then run them from the back. the only problem i have run into doing it this way is that if the touch screen is plugged into the same usb cable, there will be issues with how accurate your touch is on the screen and it will get frustrating. I also have the transflective, so it may be different with other touch screens.

    on my webpage pics, i may or may not have those USB pics uploaded, i havent looked in a long time. Ill go home today and put them up if they arent on it to give you some ideas.

    good luck
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    yup ive done it, worked fine.

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    Ah............... yup.

    Not very hard, pretty common really...........................
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    I have a 4 port hub in my dash

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    I already have the USB extension cable, and a 4 port hub. I am going to plug the USB for the touchscreen into one of the ports, and 2 USB ports into the hub also. After I posted this, I realized I had my old desktop with (2) USB ports sitting right behind me. I pulled those out and will mount it right behind my dash kit so its really clean. Thanks for the links and responses.

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