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Thread: Car Subs/AMP in home powered by a Computer Power Supply. HELP

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    Car Subs/AMP in home powered by a Computer Power Supply. HELP

    I've been reading some of the other posts on here and I ran into a problem. Every thing is hooked up but the AMP does not turn on when I send sound to the Speaker input terminals. I know why it's not working but I don't know how to fix it. I'm using a Kenwood KAC-8103D amp. My problem is the P.CON, the Power Control Terminal; it controls the unit ON/OFF. Now I know in a car you hook the Deck, Center Unit, Head Unit, CD receiver, etc. whatever you want to call it to that P.CON. I don't have a Center Unit. I'm using a computer Power Supply. I will be using a TV or computer to supply the audio so I've set it up with RCA connections to change from source of audio to the next like regular speakers by simply plugging the audio in. When I get this finnished I was planning on taking pictures, maybe video too, and doing a step-by-step tutorial since I haven't found any good ones.

    How do I make the AMP turn on?

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    Your post is hard to read, but here goes. Your amp should have 3 power wires.

    - ground
    + battery
    + remote (i guess this is your P.CON)

    Either conenct the + remote to the + battery terminal for always on operation.
    Or connect the + remote to a switched + 12v source.

    WARNING Amplifiers draw a lot of amps, don't be surprised if you max out your powersupply.

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    in my experience, Remote, or P.CON, is a high impedance input and draws virtually no amps. all of the draw is from Positive (main).

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    Thanks Pokki. It worked. I just have to fine a volume nob that will work now. Even though it does work I still need a bigger power supply with high enough Amps. I only have 17a and I need 40.

    Update: I am now searching for a new power supply. I need to pick up some wood so I can start working on the housing box for the power supply and amp also a separated box for the two Kenwood subs. Work will begin this weekend. When I am finnished you can expect a fully pictured step-by-step tutorial.

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