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Thread: Using head unit cd player as cd-rom

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    Using head unit cd player as cd-rom

    This may sound like a ridiculous question, but I am just curious. Anyone know if there is a way to use your head unit cd rom as the computer cd rom? Since I have a head unit that accepts all cd formats and plays mp3s, why not just hook it up somehow to be the computer's cd-rom also.


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    This is not possible because there is no way to interface the CDrom in your head unit to your computer.

    The computer CDroms use an IDE interface to hook up to the computer, without that the computer has no idea how to talk to the device.

    You can, however, integrate a computer CDrom where your head unit is now, including using a slot-load one, so that it looks similar to a head unit and is very accessible, but since IDE cables have a 18" limitation that means that the computer has to be very close, and if you don't have a huge truck this might be a problem.

    Would be nice though
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