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Thread: Replacing the sun visor with a 19" Fujitsu ScaleoView H19W-2 (using a VESA Mount)

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    Talking Replacing the sun visor with a 19" Fujitsu ScaleoView H19W-2 (using a VESA Mount)


    What do you think about the following idea: I want to buy a relatively cheap 19 inch wide screen TFT (FSC ScaleoView H19W-2) and mount it on the roof instead of the sun visor on the passenger side. Since that TFT has an external power supply, it should be relatively easy to convert the 12 V to the right voltage. That TFT also has a VESA mount at the back side.

    Let's assume that the car chassis has some solid mounting holes that can hold the weight of that big TFT, the only problem that remains is some part to mount the TFT at the roof so you can flip it down like the original sun visor.

    If you have any ideas where I could get such a connecting part or how I could build one please share your ideas and thougths.


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    I think it's stupid and dangerous and will be difficult (if not impossible) to make it look decent.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    19"?? will this be a sun visor for your car or your jumbo jet

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarquePervert View Post
    I think it's stupid and dangerous and will be difficult (if not impossible) to make it look decent.
    Awwww c'mon DP, don't be shy. Tell us how you really feel about it.

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    I like your idea but thought it would be cool if you put it in the middle where the rearview mirror is. Then put a camera in the back of the car to feed the video into the monitor as if it was a rearview mirror and have that take up a small portion of the monitor and the rest will be for your videos. Just a thought. For the bracket i think you would need to have one fabricated with some metal because that monitor is heavy.

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    Only for a showcar, not a daily driver.

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    Is anyone going to be sitting in the passenger seat? They are going to go blind with a 19" in their face. You havent done research have you? Number one, your roof will never support a 19" hanging from the sunvisor area, it will bend it very easily, especially with a heavy VESA mount, not to mention, if its a desktop type screen, they add a ***** load of stuff to keep it from getting hot which adds alot of weight. I drive a huge car, and was going to go with a 21 inch for the back seat, but when I took one to the car it was wayyyyyyyyyyyyy to big and the weight was heavy.... in an accident it would have went flying, imagine a 19" that isnt even made for the car in an accident, you will most likely shatter your windsheild. In the end I went with a flip down 15 inch made for a car, that has all the cr@p stripped out and made light weight. In the front I settled for two 7 inch Lilliput sunvisor touch screens, which is bassically 2 EBY701s' mounted to sunvisors that originally held 2 composite 9 inch screens. The 7 inch turned out to be big enough for viewing.....

    All I have to do to mine, is buy small mirrors to put on the side to cover up the old screens buttons, and then wrap them in black leather to match my interior.
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