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Thread: USB Hard Drive with Hibernation problems

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    USB Hard Drive with Hibernation problems

    I have a 250gb external hard drive which is NOT powered.

    The problem i have is when i resume from hibernation, it takes a few seconds after loading windows for it to detect the hard drive (at which point AutoPlay starts scanning the hard drive). This causes my frontend to crash.

    This only happens occasionally, not everytime which is the wierd thing. Also before I reinstalled windows, it worked fine and would be detected as soon as windows resumes.

    I looked at devcon, but i dont think it will help as the hard drive is always detected - just to slow. I think devcon just starts the usb device once windows loads.

    Any help appreciated.

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    what type of external hdd?? powerd off usb I am assuming. I dont get when resuming from standby the hdd will re-detect and come up with the auto play wizard. It shouldnt do this. does the auto play pop come up everytime you resume or sometimes? disable auto play on the drive

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    Hi Thanks for your reply.

    It is powered by USB.

    It behaves as if i have just plugged it in (ie auto play). It doesnt do it all the time though..

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    i just enabled the sounds. when it resumes from hibernation, it plays the music for a couple of seconds, then it disconnects, then connects again instantly (hence the auto play).

    My music starts instantly so if i use devcon, will it run before my front end starts playing music??

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    is devcon shutting off ur usb ports when hibernating and re-enabling them when resuming from hibernation?

    that could be a problem

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