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Thread: For Truck PC: Use 2 old hard drives or 1 new one?

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    Seems to me that in car is where you would want the system to be most reliable. Dealing with weird problems is very difficult and annoying in the car, especially when you don't have a monitor.

    But running an overlay in a car has one major disadvantage: it renders the disc unreadable in your "main" machine. If this is your chosen way of updating your files, you're out of luck.
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    ok guys, this seems like a really dumb question, but if boot times are so quick off a CF card, this must be because of seek times, right? After all, HD throughput is -10x that of a CF card. So why not make a 64MB image on the hard drive, load that into memory and then boot off of that? That should be even faster than booting off of a CF card...?
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    Aaron, I'm leaving everything well enough alone.

    Telek, I appreciate the input. The 40 gig hd cost me $75. And the 233mmx machine cost $0. So you can see that I've invested minimal money. I have a small home LAN that I put together and I'm simply adding it to that for mp3 storage. I have a faster main computer.

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