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Thread: navisurfer II

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    navisurfer II

    Anyone have experience with the navisurfer II ( It doesn't look like the nicest car PC, but seem hard to beat the price for a prebuilt car PC.

    Would be nice if there were more details. Such as what the processor is and what ports are available.

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    NavisurferII 40GB
    Processor: 1.3 Mhz
    Hard drive: 40GB
    RAM: 256MB

    NavisurferII 80GB
    Processor: 1.3 Mhz
    Hard drive: 80GB
    RAM: 256MB

    NavisurferII 120GB
    Processor: 1,0 Mhz
    Hard drive: 120 GB
    RAM: 512MB

    Weight & Dimensions
    2,5 kg
    Operating Temperature & Humidity
    -10 to 65 Degrees Celsius (14F-140F)
    0% ~ 93% (relative humidity; non-condensing)
    Power Supply
    Intelligent Vehicle Power Supply
    ATX, 12V input
    Intelligent shutdown controller, powers on and off with ignition.
    ON/OFF motherboard control
    Survives vehicle engine cranks
    Battery deep discharge prevention
    High efficiency, 120 watts output
    Works with 12V car batteries
    Hard Drive
    2.5" Drive
    Anti-shock mounting
    High non-operating shock tolerance by load / unload technology Monitor
    Computer built-in
    Wide vertical and horizontal movement angle
    Display size: 7 inches (16:9)
    Physical resolution: 800 x 480 RGB, highest resolution: 1024 x 768 formatted
    Visual angle: 150, contrast: 350 ?brightness: 500
    Dot distance: 0.06*0.18mm
    Response time: Tr+Tf =16ms
    Touch screen
    User Manual, Driver CD, Bluetooth Dongle

    Go to the web site for the 3 different versions:

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    Specs are here I'd be interested to see anyones experience with it too.

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    the navisurfer II's are towards the bottom... i might have to invest for that price... i think i might need to scratch the laptop i was gonna use and give that to my brother

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    I guess I'm not the only person who reads Jalopnik... I'm lookin' into this as well. I'm not really impressed by the physical presentation, but I might could get over that for the price. I wish there were some more specs. Does anyone have any better info?

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    The price is awsome! Not sure if I wanted that (couldn't fit in my car anyway), and I do like the satisfaction of building things myself, but maybe for the wife's car this is a great deal.

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    i saw this on the technabob blog . . . damn, it sure looks tempting! i would like to hear some first-hand experiences with it first. i've just got my laptop that i was going to use for carPC (HP Pavilion zv6000) working again, but this just might lead me to sell the laptop and go for the Navi!

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    this peeked my interest as well, not really sure what exactly is bad looking about it. As far as the screen it looks just as good or bad as any other 7in carputer screen. The bezel could be smaller and thinner but its not bad.

    Looking at there older carputers , they all use intel chips so im guessing this one likely does also, but you never really know till its confirmed. I wish there were more choices in carputers in this form factor, something i can just put in and be done with it but also isnt $2k to buy like some other indash carputers.
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    ive bought one , i think they have only just been released this month
    hold on people and ill give a review when it arrives , which will hopefully be next week when im off on half term . so the old z3 will be getting a new stereo

    2 things im unsure about though

    is the screen motorised ? ( cant c any button to make it pop out)
    is there a built in amplifier ?

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    Another question

    I agree, does it have a built in amp?

    Also, does it have speaker level output, or simply line out and a LOC is required?

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