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Thread: Any hard drive problems??

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    Any hard drive problems??

    Any of you had any kind of problems with your hard drives? Do you guys think that it's worth to get the shock resistant Quantum fireball or do you think it's okay to buy any cheap model?

    By the way, what kinds of hard drive are you guys using? and how big?

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    We used a Seagate in our prototype over the summer and beat the hell out of it in my boat. It was mounted vertically, but had no shock absorption built in. Had zero problems. I just bought an 20 gig IBM I found on at for $165 + $10 S/H. Haven't had any problems with it, but it hasn't seen the boat yet. =) If you read up on the shock protection stuff on Quantum's site, you will see that they are most concerned with the high frequency shock the drive experiences when it is being handled/installed. They comment that once the thing is mounted in a case, it sees lower frequency shock which isn't near as damaging. Hope this helps.



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