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Thread: Getting 5v while using a Laptop (w/o screen )

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    Getting 5v while using a Laptop (w/o screen )

    Im getting a laptop with out a screen. Well the screens broken , thats why Im getting it. Im planning on using my 4x20 LCD but where can I get 5v? From the laptop? From the car? Or maybe From a 9v batterey?

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    +5V is available on the PS/2 keyboard connector if the laptop has one.

    USB connectors are the only other peripheral connector with +5V available at any useable current.

    Otherwise you'll have to dig around in the laptop to find a +5V source either on the motherboard or on the leads that go to the LCD. The latter would probably be better since you mentioned the screen is broken.

    I wouldn't use a battery or the car if there's already a regulated +5V available.

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