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Thread: MSI Fuzzy Motherboard Experiences?

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    Quote Originally Posted by tchobson View Post
    Yes...make sure you get the right cpu for the right board. I got a Intel T7300 through Intel (I am an employee) and it didn't say socket P anywhere on the web page, and I bought a MSI fuzzy 945GM1 online and it is a socket M board.
    The Fuzzy 965GM is socket P.

    Yea, I kept thinking the T7300 fit on the 945 also, thankfully Toaster set me str8. Hey do you get discounts for working at Intel. I want to buy a T5500 for cheap!
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    I do get discounts but I can only buy one of each cpu and all they have for mobile is socket P, which sucks cause I have a socket M board I have to sell or buy a CPU at regular price.

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    I'm running a T2450 which seems fast enough. You can get a T2500 on eBay pretty cheap right now, just search all the various models, and there are some overlooked versions that seem to be a little cheaper.

    BTW, I installed it yesterday and it worked perfectly right away. I'm using the M3-ATX power supply, with 2GB DDR2 and a 60GB SATA with the Centrafuse front end. Works great!!

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    i have the gm965 and love it. core 2 duo. 4gig of ram and using the lvds with my 14.1" touchscrene runing vista soon to be windows 7. Friend came over to look at it and was man this thing is fast. and i haven't done anything to it. haven't changed anything in the settings for fast boot or anything.
    only thing is i want another cpu fan from msi to put on the video chip heat sink.
    board does what it is supposed to and very nice quality.

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