Rather random question but here you go.. Only really related to my carpc as the truck split battery keeps having problems
I am about to buy a Midtronics Battery tester, As it tests it records the results in memory.
You can buy an optional printer to print the data after the test is complete.

The printer is an HP unit, connects to the tester via an IR port and prints on a thermal roll much like a till slip.

I would like a moble printer to use on the move with my laptop but I would rather have one that can print on normal A4 paper.

What I am wondering is:

Would it be possible to recive the 'print out' via the IR port on my laptop?

Could I get (does anybody know of) some software that would make the laptop's IR port behave as a printer?

I am hoping I could just run the software, align the IR ports, click 'print' on the tester and have the results come up as a text file on the laptop.
I could then simply print this file onto and printer that I connected to the laptop.

Any info welcome!!