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Thread: Pci Extension

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    Pci Extension

    Hi, i don't know if anyone has done this but I can't seem to find another thread on it.

    I have a voompc which has 1 pci slot the problem is there is only aprx. 1 inch height available for the card, so what I want to do is plug a cable into the existing slot run it out through the back of the pc and terminate it with a pci slot so I can added any card I wish, I could probably build this myself with the right materials ? but I don't realy have the time and patients for all the small connections.


    P.s. I'm in the UK

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    Google for PCI RISER
    They are available. Make sure you get one that points in teh right direction. There are some that go left, others that go right.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    I use a pci riser to mount my soundcard horizontally as my case wasn't tall enough to handle it vertically. It works fine, but I don't know if you would run into any issues using one that long.

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    as already mentioned, you can get a riser card that will allow you to mount the card horizontally in the case (if it fits). if it won't fit horizontally then you can get a PCI "riser cable" that will allow mounting the card further away than a typical riser card (including outside of the case itself).

    good luck

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