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Thread: volume controls for radio xtreme

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    volume controls for radio xtreme

    I have a radio xtreme usb device, centrafuse and an M-Audio fast track pro usb sound card. The volume controls in windows and in radiator do not affect radio playback volume, the mute button in radiator works but not in centrafuse. The volume just remains constant except when I use the sound cards volume knob. Also it seems I can't change the settings in radiator, when I enter the settings menu, I get error msg "access violation at address 00502b99 in module 'radiator.exe' Read of address 000000b4". I can enter the settings menu after acknowledging the error but changing the line-in option doesn't stay set. I figure if could change the line-in device to wave, my problem would be fixed but everytime I do it reverts back to nothing selected. Can anyone Help?

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