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Thread: Harddrive problems....bios?? or just OE

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    Harddrive problems....bios?? or just OE

    Got a free box from my roommates mom a month ago. its a via board with a k6-2/450 proc, also got a 1.6 and ~6.2 gig HD's, perfect for what i'm going to do.

    anywayz, after having redhat 8 on that box for a while, i decided to load 98lite on it so i could mess around with it for the year it will take me to gather the rest of my stuff. threw the 6 gig drive in, BIOS has errors 'Primary Master HD failure' & Primary Slave HD failure'. jumpers were correct. worked great before when i had linux on it. bypassed the errors, got 90% through the 98lite install (first reboot), and got the blue screen of death. hung at startup when i attempted to reboot. attempted to reinstall, got errors on the install. formatted, got errors in 98 install.

    here's the weird part. threw the 1.6 gig in to try that instead. fdisk recognized it as a 6ish gig drive. deleted partitions, attempted to reformat. still thinks its a 6ish gig drive.

    i guess that turned into more of a rant than i wanted. any idea what the heck is goin on with the errors on startup and why i'm not getting a correct drive reading on that 1.6 gigger??

    like i said, everything was peachy before...... maybe the penguins got to it??


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    You're jumpers are wrong. Or the BIOS is not autodetecting the HDs properly.
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    linux might bypass the BIOS settings and talk to the drives directly (I know that windows NT/2K/XP does the same thing, it ignores the bios after the boot loader is loaded)... Windows98 however does still rely on the BIOS for all the HD settings. try to either use the auto-configure option in the bios itself (which will set the settings for the drives to be static) or try to configure the settings yourself. Also check to see if any of the drives are on "cable select" mode and make sure that one is master and the other is slave.

    If all else fails, try on the secondary controller or try to change the cables. Also try to reset the bios config data.
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