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Thread: 802.11b Adapter Boot Time

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    802.11b Adapter Boot Time

    I know a normal wired NIC introduces some delay into the boot process, but what about PCI wireless NICs or USB wireless adapters? Which would boot fastest?
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    Regular network cards don't introduce any delay at bootup. That delay is actually caused by the protocals in use. The most major contributer is TCP/IP configured for DHCP. The machine will wait for an IP address for between 10 and 60 seconds, depending on which version of Windows you are using. TCP/IP with a static IP does not increase boot time more than a second or two. The same applies to other major protocals (IPX, NetBEUI).

    That said, 802.11x will increase boot time by a few seconds as it looks for an access point (assuming infastructure) or other cards (ad-hock). But the increase will not be long as TCP/IP isn't looking for an IP address.
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