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Thread: Removable Hard Drive

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    Removable Hard Drive

    I would like everyones thoughts on this.

    I have an old desk top pc that I am converting to a carputer. Because of the extreme cold weather here, I would like to be able to easily remove the hard drive when Im not in my truck. I was thinking of either buying an external hard drive or buy an external case for the salvaged hard drive from my old pc. It seems that the external hard drive would be easy enough to quickly remove. Most only have a usb connection. Being that I built a custom case under my seat, I was thinking about mounting brackets next to the seat to hold the drive while Im driving.

    Does this sound like it would work? I don't know if the pc can boat from an external drive through a usb. Any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Getting windows to install on a USB based drive is difficult to say the least. Then, once it's installed, it can become very frustrating trying to load the swap file on it.

    We had this all done in my friends CarPC and then took the PC to the car. Blue screen every boot. I gave up and we modded a Mini-ITX case to hold a 3.5" HD. Worked great ever since.
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    I guess I'll figure something else out then. Not a biggie.

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    Two additional solutions you may consider, to get around the speed problems of a USB drive, would be either Firewire or eSATA. Both would give you improved performance.
    As for the BSODs on booting from windows on a USB drive, I haven't used windows in a while, as long as the motherboard's BIOS supports USB booting however it shouldn't be a problem (at least isn't for linux).



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