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Thread: LCD and TV out for Car Computer

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    LCD and TV out for Car Computer

    I want to someday have a fully functional computer in the car. That is why I am trying to stay away from a dedicated MP3 player and instead installing a fully functional computer system in my car.

    I am interested on installing a Sharp 6" LCD from with the wiring pre-installed by them for $150.

    I also wanted to install a video card with TV out. I heard about a Trident Provida 9685 card going for $30 on EBAY.

    I have just gotten started, and am experimenting by taking my one CPU between the house and the car. I will get a new CPU soon. Does anyone have advice on any of these things?


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    I thought that eio was out of the prewired $150 screens, and only had the $99 ones left.

    The wiring may be a little more difficult than you anticipated.

    I bought a 4" lcd from for just under $130, with tv out and only 12v and Gnd needed. It works great, but it is a little (well, a lot really) smaller than the 6".


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