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Thread: New Intel Mini board

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    New Intel Mini board

    I heard today from a supplier of mine there there is a new intel board coming out this month, same sort of thing as the Intel D201GLY Little Valley ones.

    but has a 1.8Ghz cpu

    anyone got any more info on this?

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    Sounds like a question for your supplier, not for us :P

    Go pester him incessantly until he spills the beans! That's bad news though considering I just grabbed a D201GLY. I suppose I could just repurpose it into a file server if it comes down to it...
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    Intresting. My friend at work has a 2GHZ dual core mini motherboard. It's smaller then a via board. possibly the same siz eof the D201GLY. Maybe i will get some pics or links for it. It has a huge heat sink on it. covers the whole board.
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    they have been steadlin making small improvements to the GLY board, this is probably just another babystep before the final product is made available. Personally i'm happy with my first year 1.2 as it does everything i need it to do without any lag. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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