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Thread: Mini-ITX lan problems....

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    Mini-ITX lan problems....

    Hey guys I have a Mini ITX and the lan was working fine for abit then seems like ever since i put on XP it started craping out...the Bios sees the card on start up. and windows XP sees it aswell says its working fine but I dont get that green light come on when I put my connection in. even when i fire it up. so I tried putting in a d-link card to see if its my Lan connection and the d-link works fine. as soon as i fire it up I see the ligth turn on my d=link card. when I try putting the cat 5 wire into the onboard Lan nothing dead. anyone have any Ideas?

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    I've been running xp with no problem
    I also had no problem with 98se and 2000pro

    I think maybe your connector is borked?
    does it look like maybe one of the pins inside is ot of place? That'd be an easy solution.. other than that the thing may be no good.
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    Sounds like a bad connector or bad chip.
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    You don'thave a 'mini-itx' you have an EPIA. Mini-itx is the form factor. Kinda like baby AT, ATX, microATX, etc...

    Hope you got your network deal figured out. It's not likely to be a software problem because you should get a light as soon as the cable is plugged in (assuming you have the board powered up).
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