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My CarPC is currently stored in my living room as I'm working everything out prior to installing in my car, IE, it is plugged into the wall. I just got the monitor yesterday, I hooked it up to my Dell Optiplex 260. After about 5 minutes, it started flickering. Then it got to the point where it alternately flickered with white lines, to having thick (at least an inch), opaque, horizontal lines that covered the screen. I adjusted the refresh rate to 75hz, then 85hz, and the problem still occured. I adjusted the resolution up and down. I then installed it on my laptop, it did the same thing, and then a Dell Optiflex 755. All the results were the same. I figured I wouldn't have the same issue w/the laptop, as it has a LCD built-in. They all have onboard Intel video, BTW.

During the boot stage, when the BIOS is running, it will fast flicker, and when it gets to the Windows logo while XP is loading, the image is off-axis, favoring the right-hand side.

There isn't a configuration option which will let me switch between VGA and LCD. And I have set the video apt in the bios to 8mb vs 1mb.

Now, my question is twofold, before I send the monitor back:

1) Anyone else w/a Dell having these issues?
2) Any add'l recommendations?

I was planning on trying it out on my other PC b/c it has an ATI Radeon card, but didn't get the chance to do so before I had to leave for the weekend.

And yes, I have used the search feature.

I know there are other people using this setup, as the search feature indicated. Did you guys have this issue or anything like it?

Thanks for the help.