Im new to this forum, and thought id get straight into business, as trying to decide between getting a normal headunit + processor or... Car PC

im Kind of leaning towards building a car PC, and so far most things meet my needs.

The concerns I have currently is all the DSP, EQ, T/A and active x-over software.

I have already downloaded a few different programs, KX Project etc just to test at home with an Audigy 2 ZS card

Im after a program if it exists, that contains all in one DSP, EQ, T/A and active x-over?

I have downloaded a few VST's? but need additional program to get these working?

Would this only run as a music program such as Winamp or can it run as a background app constantly?

The ability to change the channels on the soundcard to output to High, Mid, Low etc

Any sort of Caliberation software with Auto EQ or TA available? providing I have a mic

also will I need a line driver to increase the preout voltage to my amps?