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Thread: Visteon HD reception woes

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nola111 View Post
    Great to hear rock99! Would you be able to post a pic of the antenna? I know that since you got it from the dealership it won't be the same as for my VW, but if I could see what it looks like, I'll look for something as similar as possible.
    Sure! wont be able to until later tonight though. All it is, is a chrome\shiny metal exterior, about 2.5 - 3 feet in length (ill get you the exact dimensions this evening).

    Nothing fancy, just a standard shiny antenna.


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    Good deal, thanks.

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    For anyone experiencing bad reception or having a hard time locking on to an HD signal...

    I am set up with the Visteon mounted about 2-3 inches from my PC case. I experienced horrible reception initially (using the OEM Hyundai antenna) and later replaced it with an aftermarket antenna. I was disappointed to hear that the reception was still horrible. Somehow I got thinking about what might be the problem and I remembered back to the days of CB radios and problems with ground planes. I wondered if I HAD NOT GROUNDED THE ANTENNA ASSEMBLY PROPERLY. That was it. I made sure that the bracket that has little teeth on it and that grips onto the back side of the car body panel was properly getting ground to the body panel and that the gripper thing was making contact with the casing of the antenna. This cleared up all of my issues. NOTE: I'm not talking about the ground wire that serves as a ground for the power antenna motor. I'm talking about the antenna itself. BOTH need to be attached to ground (the car's body).

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    I finally got around to setting up my hd radio and I am having reception issues. I hooked everything up downloaded software got the pc to control the radio, but I wasn't picking up anything except one station. I did some research and found out that my antenna was powered by the head unit so I got a pin out of my radio harness and connected the antenna wire to a 12v wire. Now I'm getting about 50% of the stations I got with stock headunit no HD and the stations I'm picking up aren't coming in very well. Any suggestions on troubleshooting would be appreciated.

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    Anyone try an AM/FM Signal Amplifier/Booster? They run about 15-30 US Dollars and claim 15-20db ("UP" to ten times the reception). They run on 12V Power and plug right into the antenna loop.

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    I was told not to bother with that since they barely do anything, if anything at all. So, I didnt bother.

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    I don't know if I said this before, but I had horrible sound from my HDRadio. I had my input going to the stock sound card and output from the external sound card. Right before I gave up, I connected everything to the external sound card and it now sounds great.

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    Well, it's been four years and..

    Quote Originally Posted by Nola111 View Post
    Ok? So you start the post with my quote and then cite 4 paragraphs that don't address my post in any way, shape or form. No one is going to jump on your "HD Farce" bandwagon, dipsh1t. So go away.
    You'de be surprised who's visited my blog (including the FCC and most automakers), since it sits on Google's Homepage for searches on "hd radio". For the past two years, iBiquity and the automakers have been under investigation by two law firms for auto fraud, in hopes of filing class-action lawsuits. This may include non-HD broadcasters over interference from HD broadcasters, too. BMW and Volvo have tried to install HD Radio standard, but have ended up with ongoing Technical Service Bulletins against HD Radio.
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    Quote Originally Posted by fabworks View Post
    I don't know if I said this before, but I had horrible sound from my HDRadio. I had my input going to the stock sound card and output from the external sound card. Right before I gave up, I connected everything to the external sound card and it now sounds great.
    no one prob reads my notes on my site about the sheilds of the rca on the Visteon/Directed
    they are floating...

    in some cases, a small jumper (inside perferred) makes it sound great!!!! to test, jumper a wire from rca shield to ground

    "Did you test it in carwings??"

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