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Thread: Has anybody tried the Maxtor One-Touch drives on car 12V?

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    Has anybody tried the Maxtor One-Touch drives on car 12V?

    The Maxtor One-Touch drives (bought by Seagate, but still sold as Maxtor) have a simple, regular 12V power plug instead of the 4-5 pin plugs in most external drives. Has anybody tried running these directly of the car power? My car will typically charge between 13 and 14 volts, but I'm guessing that a couple of volts wouldn't be enough to spoil anything. Or am I wrong there?

    If that doesn't work well, does anybody know of a hard drive enclosure that works well for car 12 V use? An inverter is not an option, and since I'm gonna use the motherboard part of a Lifebook with a regular car laptop charger I won't have access to computer 12 V either.
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    haven't tested it, wouldn't do it.
    Don't know how mutch power ou need, if its les than 15 watt, then maybe this wil do it for you.

    one worning, you need to have 1 volt more than the output voltage (sse manual).
    Otherwise a regular powersupply like an m1, m2, dsx, opus, carnetix. But they are more expensive

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    Very interesting, thanks! I Googled a bit and discovered that a regular 1 tb drive eats around 13-14 watts. But the Samsung TB drive only takes 7.5 watts while searching (assuming that's the maximum power). In that case I should be able to use that and one of those USB to SATA widgets. I've got a few of those laying around. Thanks for the tip! It's actually cheap enough not to demant any Norwegian custom fees either!
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