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Thread: Smart Junction Box -- 2001 Mustang -- Daytime Lights

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    Exclamation Smart Junction Box -- 2001 Mustang -- Daytime Lights


    I'm trying to enable the daytime running lights on a 2001 Mustang. As far as I know, there are 2 types of smart junction box -- ones with DRL and ones without. I believe I have the one without.

    Now the best way I thought of enabling the Daytime Running Lights would be right at the junction box. Rather than buying a new one... my idea is this:

    - Use the voltage from a pin that is on when the car is started
    - Attach it to the pin called "Park Lamp Signal"

    This *should* leave my park lamps on every time the car is started. Does anyone have any other suggestions or information as to why this would/wouldnt work?

    Thanks a lot

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    Has anybody every messed around with their own smart junction box and have some insight before I destroy my car?

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    Usually daytime running lights are the headlights not the parking lights. If you want the daytime running lights you can do it a couple different ways. First get a spdt relay (radio shack , parts store, etc.), It will usually have 5 pins on them.

    85- negative of coil
    86- positive of coil
    30- common
    87a- n/c or normally closed to pin 30 at rest
    87- n/o or normally open to pin 30 at rest

    Take pin 85 and goto brown wire at light switch(parking light wire)
    pin 86 goes to red/lt green at ignition harness
    pin 30 will goto yellow/red wire on the headlight switch
    Pin 87 will goto 12v constant on the light switch (don't know the color) or to the yellow wire with a 20a fuse.

    Now when ever you start your car only your headlights will be on.
    but when you turn on you parking lights your driving lights will go out.

    There's a couple diff config you can use.. If you don't like that one we can change it.

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