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Thread: Jetway J7F2 1.5Ghz and PCI Audio troubles

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    Jetway J7F2 1.5Ghz and PCI Audio troubles

    Hello everyone.
    I have the following trouble. May be somebody already met this problem. I am using J7F2 1.5Ghz and installed in the PCI Aureon Sound Cards. Operating system is windows.
    When I installed PCI sound card I also installed drivers and sound card works.
    The problem is in the following: sometimes (not allways!!!) when windows XP is loading it shows me that new hardware is found - it finds exaclty this Sound Card - and allow me to install drivers for it. I just do the restart of windows and after second restart it determed PCI sound card with already installed driviers and I am getting it worked.
    Does anybody know why have I such a problem.


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    Any ideas?

    Audio card is connected via PCI Reiser adapter.

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