Hey everyone, I'm new to the forum and am currently on my break at work so I didn't have time to look around just yet. I need some direction on a approx 6 grand sound system I want to install in my 350z.

Head unit - the new iva-w505 Alpine

I was look at a JL stealth box which comes with 2 10w3v3 and powering them with a JL 1000/1v2. Would that give me lots of thump? I previously had 2 12" sonys in my corolla powered with about 310 RMS by a power acoustik amp and was satisfied with the output, but now I want something cleaner and stealthier..

Secondly, for mids and highs I'm getting a JL 300/4 and am undecided if I should put Focal VR 650 ($420) components on the front or JL's ZR 650-Csi ($850) speakers, which would give me more bang for the buck? I heard JL aren't the best at vocal speakers..

Rear speakers would be cheaper coaxial of either brand.
I'll be running about 1300 watts RMS would a 1.5 Farad cap. be required?